CBD vs CBG: The Uses for Each

November 16, 2016 223 comments admin Categories Arthritis, Brain, Cancer, CBD, Diabetes, Heart, Supplements, Vitamins

As we have discussed in previous articles, the benefits of CBD… and now CBG… are numerous. There are a few reasons people seek out the cannabis plant as a possible option for relief. Let’s get into a few of these common reasons and how CBD and/or CBG might be able to help.

CBG vs CBD For Stress: Which Is Better?

recent survey suggests that CBD for stress is the #1 reason why people use CBD oil or, at the very least, become interested in CBD as an option. Studies have shown that CBD has the potential to reduce stress by lowering blood pressure and opening up blood vessels. These cases also highlight how CBD reduced other signs of stress, citing reports from human participants that suggest CBD is useful for minimizing the “nerves” many experience with public speaking.

However, no concrete evidence supports one cannabinoid better than the other with relieving stress.

CBG vs CBD For Sleep: Which Is Better?

Many Americans report that they aren’t getting enough sleep, which can lead to long-term problems. Using CBD for sleep is becoming a desirable alternative in comparison to conventional, over-the-counter methods.

But does CBD make you tired?

CBD isn’t typically recommended just for sleep; however, it can help promote relaxation and calmness without any of the “high” feeling, weakness, or disturbed sleep. CBD tincture provides a way for CBD to unwind the body and lull you to sleep naturally.

CBG vs CBD For Pain: Which Is Better?

CBD for general pain and soreness lists as the #2 reason people choose to try CBD oils. And according to a consumer study, almost 40% of the people surveyed reported that CBD was effective with minor discomfort caused by exercising regularly.

The muscle groups and joints that we workout during regular fitness routines make up part of our peripheral nervous system. And because CBD communicates primarily with CB2 receptors connected to that system, CBD may have a direct effect that can soothe minor soreness.

One of the best benefits of managing soreness with CBD is that you can take it orally or apply it to your body. With CBD topicals, you can apply them to the sore parts of your body and feel relief almost immediately, depending on how much the body part hurts and the size of the sore area.

Or you can use CBD tinctures, capsules, or gummies. Using these methods regularly either in the morning or evening, you could reduce the amount of delayed-onset muscle soreness that is common with physical activities.

Research also shows that CBG is useful with minor soreness and discomfort – particularly with swelling in the skin. With the combination of CBG and CBD, like in several full spectrum CBD products, you’re receiving two components that are beneficial for mild physical aches.

Which Is Better For You?

The results from using CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids can vary based on our body types, lifestyle, and other physical qualities. When trying to decide which one to try, start by figuring out which one best fits your needs. This can also include the different ways you can take it. It’s important to remember, cannabinoids work better together than by themselves, through the entourage effect. After becoming more knowledgeable about the differences between CBG and CBD, the more confident you’ll be with purchasing CBD or hemp-based products that best suit your needs and help you achieve your personal well-being goals.

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