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What would have the greatest impact for you right now?

  • Is it improving your health and reducing the likelihood of a lifelong sentence of prescription drugs that mask certain symptoms only to produce unwanted side-effects? 
  • Is it having more energy to truly enjoy the activities you wish you could be experiencing right now?
  • Is it bigger than you? Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet?
  • Would you like to put an end to animal cruelty?

What if there was a way to improve your overall health, eliminate the biggest contributor to global warming, and end animal abuse by simply learning to eat better?

If curious, keep reading and discover how you can join this grass roots movement that will ultimately give you more than it will ever take from or require of you.

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2 reviews for Vegan Reference Guide

  1. erin.sheffield (verified owner) (verified owner)

    I am a few years into my vegan journey so I know I am just scratching the surface. This e-book is making that effort easy and enjoyable! The pictures are stunning and make me want to jump into the page, the recipes are appreciated and sound delicious and the tips are inspiring. I am excited to put this new found knowledge to use!

  2. rosegaspard2012 (verified owner) (verified owner)

    As a newbie to the lifestyle, I found this guide to be very informative. The ideas on how to start are very doable and I am looking forward to starting the journey. I like the balance between hard facts and the emotional impact of being a vegan. The medical, physical, and spiritual benefits are highlighted making it easy to make a true commitment. Great job!

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